Retired Academics and Librarians of the University of Toronto

Benefits Information

Your Retiree Benefits: Contact Information. The following contact information for inquiries about your benefits is provided for your convenience by the Benefits Committee of RALUT

Green Shield

1. Outline of Benefits, University of Toronto Pensioners: a printed booklet from Green Shield giving comprehensive, but not necessarily up-to-date information about benefit entitlements. It is not available in electronic form on the Green Shield's web site; but see also University of Toronto - Human Resources
2. Green Shield's website (very convenient for general information, forms for submitting claims, etc., but does not give all the information laid out in the Green Shield's Booklet):

  • a. General: www.greenshield.ca
  • b. Information, Forms, Sign in for Member Statements: go to Green Shield, click on Plan members and follow the links.
Phone numbers:
  • a. Green Shield Customer Service centre: 1-888-711-1119
  • b. Travel insurance emergency help lines (NB: Contact with Green Shield through one of these numbers must be made within 24 hours of the incident.) (i) Canada and the USA: 1-800-936-6226 (ii) Other destinations: 0-519-742-3556
  • a. Drug claims: P.O. Box 1652, Windsor, ON N9A 7G5
  • b. Professional Services, P.O. Box 1699, Windsor, ON N9A 7G6
  • c. Medical Items: P.O. Box 1623, Windsor, ON N9A 7B3
  • d. Vision/Hospital Dept.: P.O. Box 1615 Windsor, ON N9A 7J3
  • e. Dental Dept. P.O. Box 1608, Windsor, ON N9A 7G1 (You can assign your claims to your practitioners for their direct submission, or submit them yourself. Claims can also be submitted electronically: see 2b above.)
  • f. Out-of-the-Country Dept., P.O. Box 1606, Windsor, ON N9A 6W1

The most recent update to the benefit plan can be obtained from the U of T Human resources website.

Green Shield have implemented a new website which, once you have completed the necessary online registration will give you convenient access to a range of subscriber services including direct deposit of claims reimbursements, explanation of benefits information, instant access to personal claims information, and access to your claims history.

University of Toronto Benefits (Human Resources and Equity under DVPHRE) In addition to your health benefits, you are entitled to other benefits, such as library privileges, joint membership, tuition rebate, privileges for dependents, which you can explore using the contacts below.

1. Websites: 2. Contacts:
  • a. Benefits -- HELP Line: 416-978-2015; Email benefits.help@utoronto.ca
  • b. Elizabeth Fong (Benefits Advisor, DVPHRE): Phone 416-978-4673; Email liz.fong@utoronto.ca
  • c. Keithann Newton (Benefits Specialist, DVPHRE): Phone 416-978-4673; Email keithann.newton


In some cases, the Benefits Committee of RALUT, under its Chair, can use its good offices to assist you with special problems. Phone: 416-978-7256 (leave message for Chair, Benefits); Email ral.ut@utoronto.ca (Attention: Chair, Benefits)

Tuition waivers

According to Keithann Newton, Benefits Specialist in the Human Resources Department, eligibility for tuition waivers is dependent upon the Retiree's appointment held prior to retirement and is approved on the same basis and eligibility principles as for active staff.

  • Retirees who wish to take courses (same eligibility as active staff) should complete a staff tuition waiver and provide the fees invoice to Benefits, Central Human Resources by mail, fax or drop-off. The Retiree should allow a minimum of one business day for confirmation of eligibility and approval. If the Retiree retired prior to 1998, eligibility for a tuition waiver is to be determined by Benefits Administration, Central Human resources, in conjunction with the University of Toronto Pension Services.
  • For degree courses, the value of part-time studies will be awarded to eligible Retirees.
  • For the School of Continuing Studies, once the waiver is approved, the Retiree is responsible for providing the tuition waiver along with the registration form to the School of Continuing Studies (the processing fee, balance of course fee for those costing more than $500, fax number and mailing address are available on the registration form). There is a maximum of six SCS courses per academic year (September to August). BENEFITS BULLETIN: DECEMBER, 2009

Shingles Vaccine

Zostavax 19400/0.65, the newly approved vaccine for shingles, is not covered by OHIP. The chair of the Benefits Committee received the vaccine on the recommendation of her physician. The cost was nearly $200. Fortunately, Green Shield covered all but $5.


Jack Stevenson has prepared two checklists that you may wish to consult. In case of emergency, incompetence and death, there is important financial and medical information that should be available. These checklists contain suggestions for what you need to have on hand and how to get it. Click here for the lists Planning Ahead: a RALUT Checklist in case of death and Medical Records Project in case of medical emergency.