Retired Academics and Librarians of the University of Toronto

RALUT Pensions Committee Terms of Reference

Chair Tom Alloway antguy@abspruce.org
Members George Luste, Scott Rogers, Fred Wilson

The mandate of the RALUT Pensions Committee is to secure the best possible pensions for University of Toronto retired academics and librarians and their surviving spouses/partners.

Therefore the Pensions Committee will monitor, make recommendations, participate where possible and respond as required to the following:

1. Negotiations between UTFA and the administration regarding pensions, including augmentation and improvements to the Pension Plan

2. Governance of the Pension Plan

3. Commissions of inquiry and legislation affecting U of T pensions

4. Any other matters deemed relevant.

The Pensions Committee will meet as necessary and report regularly to the RALUT Board of Directors.

The Pensions Committee will inform RALUT members of developments in pension related matters through articles in the RALUT Reporter, at the AGM, and with updates on the RALUT website.