Retired Academics and Librarians of the University of Toronto is the organization established by and for retired faculty, librarians and senior administrators. From its founding in February 2001, RALUT's objectives have been to promote the interests and welfare of its members. Over the years since then, RALUT has worked effectively with University of Toronto Faculty Association to ensure equitable increases in pensions and benefits for retirees. We have also been active in furthering retirees' continuing academic interests and connection with the University. Membership is open to all University of Toronto retired academics, librarians, senior administrators, surviving spouses/partners of deceased members, and all colleagues who are over 60 years of age.

Its Objectives are:

  • Promoting the interests and well-being of the retired academics and librarians (and such other persons are specified in the membership rules) of the University of Toronto
  • Maintaining suitable forms of participation in the life of the University of Toronto community
  • Organizing educational, cultural, advocacy and recreational events for the benefit of the members
  • Providing a forum for the discussion of issues of importance or of interest to the members
  • Joining or cooperating with other retirees' associations