Retired Academics and Librarians of the University of Toronto

RALUT, a brief history

RALUT, Retired Academics and Librarians of the University of Toronto, represents retirees, their spouses/partners, and works for all those who will, eventually, retire. RALUT was founded on February 19, 2001, and now serves more than 700 members. We invite you to join us.

Retirees’ associations are a growing feature of university life in Canada and the US. The academic life, for many, continues beyond formal retirement - faculty and librarians are often strongly attached to the universities they have served. Increasingly universities are realizing that the knowledge and experience of retirees make them a valuable resource.

The impetus for forming RALUT was concern that pensions at the University of Toronto had fallen badly behind other universities while a large surplus in the pension fund relieved the University from making payments into it. While surplus is unlikely to return as an issue in the foreseeable future, ongoing maintenance of our pension and benefits entitlement remains an important focus for RALUT.

Relations with the faculty association (UTFA) are strong, and since 2003 when the UTFA Constitution was revised, they are most cordial. While the University of Toronto Faculty Association ably represents retired faculty and librarians in pension and benefits negotiations with the University, RALUT members play an active role. Four retirees sit on UTFA Council, two serve on the Pensions and Benefits Committee, and retirees serve on the UTFA team in negotiations. RALUT encourages its members to join UTFA.

RALUT has moved beyond its initial focus on pensions and benefits. Our activities have led more recently to two important separate and independent entities, the Academic Retiree Centre (ARC) and the UofT Senior College. Both of these came with the end of mandatory retirement, which RALUT was instrumental in fostering. The monthly luncheon at the Faculty Club, open to all, is always rewarding. The RALUT Memorial Endowment Fund supports one or two annual undergraduate awards.

RALUT actively works with university retirees’ organizations across the Continent. In 2002 RALUT hosted a well-attended meeting at the University of Toronto that led to a new, structured and purposeful national association of academic retiree groups. This became CURAC/ARUCC, officially founded at Dalhousie University in 2003. We participate as well in AROHE, the US counterpart, comprising retired faculty organizations across the United States. These organizations, through regular meetings and newsletters, share best practices, ideas for programming, and information.

RALUT is a vibrant and active group of young-thinking retirees. We welcome new members.

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