Retired Academics and Librarians of the University of Toronto

RALUT Public & University Policy Committee Terms of Reference

Public and University Policy  

Object (a) of RALUT as stated in its letters patent is “promoting the interests and well-being of the retired academics and librarians (and such other persons as are specified in the membership rules) of the University of Toronto.” Much of the work to this end is carried out by the Pensions and Benefits Committees through the good offices and with the assistance of UTFA, which negotiates with the University on our behalf on these matters.

But other issues important to members (see Object (d)) can arise, which do not fall clearly within the purview of these two committees, and which may require advocacy efforts (as stated in Object (c)) by RALUT. Some may involve public policy or legislative action; some may involve policy changes within the University itself; or both. For example, in the past RALUT has been involved in issues such as the end of mandatory retirement and the provision of housing for retirees on campus.

If, as many believe, we are entering into perilous times, we need to keep abreast of new developments and to react responsibly and effectively. For instance, the University, facing budgetary pressures, may decide to close some academic units to which retirees have made substantial contributions and who may therefore have wise counsel to offer. Or the Government might propose changes in other pensions on which we depend.

    The duties of the Committee are:
  • 1. To maintain a watching brief on policy developments, both within the University and in public legislative bodies, that might affect the interests and well-being of RALUT retirees or to which retirees might make a useful contribution.
  • 2. To explore ways in which RALUT retirees might participate in the governance and policy formation of the University at various levels, perhaps similar to what was suggested regarding Governing Council in a motion passed at the 2009 RALUT AGM.
  • 3. To explore other ways of maintaining suitable forms of participation in the life of the University. (Object (b))
  • 4. To foster or create relations between RALUT and other retirees’ associations, such as CURAC (College and University Retiree Associations of Canada), AROHE (Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education) and the “Toronto Triangle” (Retirees of U of T, York and Ryerson) (Object (e))
  • 5. To liaise with and cooperate with the Pensions and Benefits Committees and the retiree representatives on UTFA Council as appropriate.
  • 6. To meet at least three times a year and to report to the Board on its investigations and suggested plans for action on matters within its purview.