Retired Academics and Librarians of the University of Toronto

RALUT Commemorative Initiatives Committee Terms of Reference

Commemorative Initiatives  
Chair Beate Lowenberg bfsl@sympatico.ca
Members Diane Henderson, Helen Rosenthal

The decision was initially made in 2005 to raise RALUT’s profile within the university community by creating an annual $1000 award to assist financially challenged albeit academically excellent UofT undergraduate students. This award was established in honour of all RALUT members who had passed away since RALUT’s inauguration in February 2001, and the first $1000 was awarded in 2006.

Since then an additional four awards (each of $1000) have been made, which honour members deceased in the immediately preceding year. These are now established in perpetuity by means of a named endowment fund, “RALUT Endowed Memorial Award Fund,” set up by the UofT Division of University Advancement (DoA). Donations to the Fund are eligible for matching by the Ontario Trust for Student Support (OTSS) program.

The duties of the Committee are:

1. To solicit donations to this fund on a regular and ongoing basis by means of pledge forms included with routine mailings such as the RALUT Reporter, and online using the RALUT and UofT websites. Continuously maintain a high profile for this initiative, publicizing that UofT-issued income tax receipts are given for all donations, whatever their amount.

2. To maintain close contact and a cooperative ongoing relationship with DoA, while monitoring the fund’s status and regularly requesting update information; such a ‘hands-on’ approach has proved to be invaluable.

3. To achieve a degree of personal awareness respecting each award recipient by means of a brief background summary and photograph, facilitated by DoA. Such information can subsequently be made available to members (with appropriate precautions respecting privacy issues) through contributions to the RALUT website and the Reporter. RALUT will supply a brief summary respecting its own history and the background of this award, for the recipients.

4. To meet, as necessary, and through the Chair report to the Board of Directors on a regular basis.