Retired Academics and Librarians of the University of Toronto

Board of Directors

President Beate Lowenberg bfsl@sympatico.ca
Vice-President (Policy) John Valleau jvalleau@chern.utoronto.ca
Vice-President (Operations) Roselyn Stone roselyn.stone@utoronto.ca
Corporate Secretary David Olson david.olson@utoronto.ca
Treasurer Elinor Fillion e.fillion@rogers.com
Past President Tom Alloway antguy@abspruce.org
Honorary President Peter Russell phruss@aol.com
Committee Chair  
Benefits Mary Alice Guttman maryalice.guttman@utoronto.ca
Communications Robin Healey robin.healey@utoronto.ca
Commemorative Initiative Beate Lowenberg bfsl@sympatico.ca
Finance Elinor Fillion e.fillion@rogers.com
Membership and Events Geraldine (Jody) Macdonald g.macdonald@utoronto.ca
Nominations Michael Finlayson mgfinlayson@gmail.com
Pensions Tom Alloway antguy@abspruce.org
Public & University Policy
Members at Large  
Scott Rogers scott.rogers@utoronto.ca
Fred Wilson fwilson@chass.utoronto.ca
George Luste luste@utfa.org